There are many ways through which you can support Strategy and You. Please contact us if you see any opportunities for collaboration in the list below, or suggest new ones. For all queries, please email us at:

Contributors: Blog Posts
If you would like to post material at Strategy and You, just email it to us. For example, if you're at a conference and would like to share your experience, if you're working on a project and would like to share your practical insights, or if you've developed any ideas on this topic and would like highlight your work, drop us a line. 

If you're looking for speakers on the topic of "Strategy and Society issues" or if you are a current or potential Speaker looking to broaden the reach of your ideas, drop us a line.

Conferences and Events
If you would like to share information about your conferences or events that relate to the Strategy and You agenda, drop us a line and we'll be happy to share it here. 

If you're looking for any help or collaboration on the topic of "Strategy and Society issues", drop us a line. 

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