Q. Why are you doing this?
A. Someone has to. We're just starting it. We hope you'll join in and give it better shape. Initially, resources and networks of the start-up team are likely to contribute more, but we hope over time many more people will drive the agenda.

Q. Who's funding this?
A. No one. This is the Web 2.0 world. We don't need any money. In monetary terms, it costs little to set up something like this. What we need is your engagement, suggestions for improvement, and contributions.

Q. Aren't there many such forums out there, including blogs?
A. Where? Show us and we'll happily link to them. We need more, way more such forums. Having said that, we have an advantage in that we are not owned by any major academic bodies, conferences, universities or publishers. Innovation comes from the periphery.

Q. Do you have time for all this?
A. No. That's why we need you. None of us might have time individually, but together we can contribute a lot of time. Collaborate. Share.

Q. How can I post on the Strategy and You blog?
A. Email us your original posts at say@strategyandyou.org. You can send it in the email body or in a Word document (with hyperlinks if you need). Blog posts are generally short - a look at past posts will give you an idea. Long posts could be considered as multiple posts.

Q. What should I write about here?
A. Your views on any topic that relates to the intersection between the broadly defined field of Strategy and wider societal-level concerns. In the tradition of engagement as a public intellectual, a SaY blog post raises intellectually challenging questions and shares unique insights.

Q. I'm not in the strategic management area. Should I get involved?
A. Absolutely. We believe strategic management should be an integrative discipline that draws on learning from all other management fields and also from non-business / non-management fields. You're most welcome to join and help shape the agenda - help us see the world a little differently than we generally would!

Q. I'm an academic. How does this reward me? It doesn't count as peer-reviewed work.
A. No it doesn't, in a very narrow sense. But let's broaden our understanding of peers and rewards. Perhaps there are still some intrinsic rewards out there that we haven't felt in a while. Writing for an audience outside our immediate academic group can make us rethink and re-examine our work, create feedback loops with practice and other researchers, and also help build a profile through viral new media technologies. If you don't believe it yet, join in with the smallest action you can contribute time to (say, one guest post), and see if you don't feel rewarded and satisfied.

Q. I work in the industry- what's in this for me?
A. We believe industry and academia should be in feedback loops to build understanding for a topic such as the relationship of Strategy with Society issues. By engaging with a forum like this, industry members can both access and shape academic thinking on subjects of interest to them. Such feedback loops also build your profile and create opportunities for networking with other industry members and academics. We hope to break the mold of disengagement between industry and academia - your role as contributor and commentator is crucial for this.

Q. I'm a student- should I care about this?
A. Imagine engaging with academics and industry members outside your immediate classroom and university experience- broaden your thinking, explore, learn, build your profile and network by contributing and commenting. You are the future - take charge and shape it, while learning and having fun in the process.

Q. Are these posts academic writings?
A. Nope. If you want to read the academic work of any contributor here, google them or rather, google-scholar them. This is a place for conversation. We might not dot our i's and cross our t's here. Chill out. We need this too, whether we're consultants, academics, managers, students or anyone else.

Q. How do I know your moderation is trustable and wouldn't favor any particular disciplinary paradigms or political economy perspectives?
A. Try us. You won't be disappointed. A major objective of Strategy and You is to give all voices a fair hearing and debating opportunity. We particularly welcome provocative thoughts that might not find outlets elsewhere. We would like to see independent voices come through.

Q. Who has the copyright to the blog posts?
A. You (the contributor) have the right to your content to re-use it as you please. We use a Creative Commons license that is typical for such blogs in the Web 2.0 world. The work can be shared with proper attribution for non-commercial purposes. See more here.

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