Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Banking as Theatrical Comedy?

In the wake of one crisis after another, the banking and finance industry has entered the realm of popular culture in various interesting ways. A poster in London for the BBC-origin theatrical comedy, Yes Prime Minister, comments on the fall of Bob Diamond, Barclay's CEO, as part of the ongoing LIBOR scandal. Perhaps there is enough material in there for a full-fledged theatrical comedy on Banking...?

On a more serious note, such representations in popular culture also highlight the desperate need for the banking and finance industry to come up with a "society" strategy...a major re-imagining of their role in society along with related cultural changes...

[Photo/Comment: Suhaib Riaz]

Update: Looks like the comedy idea is already being cashed in on, with Patrick Combs' "Man 1, Bank 0" show: !

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