Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A time to engage

The strategic management discipline is at an interesting crossroads. It's initial mandate of focusing on practice and practitioners seems poised for a revival.

The intervening years of contributions by academic disciplines such as economics (through its various schools, including prominently, organizational economics and austrian economics), sociology and psychology have certainly strengthened rigor in the field. Yet, questions about the relevance of the current rigorous academic research have reached a crescendo.

These voices have been around for a while, such as those of Sumantara Ghoshal and Henry Mintzberg. But in recent years, core journals have attempted to highlight the issue of relevance, and academic bodies and conferences have been dedicated to the task. More immediately and from a practical standpoint, the largest economic crisis since the Depression and the contemporaneous shift of balance in the world economy towards non-traditional markets has exposed some gaps in traditional academic focus areas. The world, as always, is changing faster than the establishment.

It is thus a time to facilitate rich interaction between the relevant (the world of practice) and the rigorous (the world of academia) in the strategic management discipline. You - all human stakeholders, including  managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants, employees, policy makers, administrators, students, academics, etc.,- have a role to play in shaping this discipline.

We hope you'll take up the challenge, join in and spread the word!


say said...

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Anonymous said...

I definitely believe this is a great idea!

People really need to be educated about this field and what it brings to the business world. Though some aspects of this discipline may seem obvious to some, the need to educate people is a must.

From my personal observations, I've seen many small businesses open and thrive because they had the right strategic vision and goals. However, on the other end of the spectrum I've noticed that businesses have opened and closed within a small time frame because they didn't have the right strategic vision and goals. What is the solution? Become educated about Strategy!

Strategy can be applied to anything. Take sports, if a team has a good strategy there is a chance it performs well. However, if the same team cannot successfully implement their strategy it could lead to their failure. Setting attainable goals is crucial, because sometimes when the strategy is too complicated it just doesn't work.

I hope this blog continues to post interesting pieces so that everyone can learn about this and apply it in their fields.

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