Thursday, April 8, 2010

Strategy Blogs in the Noop Listing

A new listing of "management and leadership blogs" is out, compiled by noop using an algorithm that plugs in the blogs' "Google Page RankBing hit countAlexa RankingTechnorati AuthorityTwitter GraderPostRank and FeedBurner count." 

Are there any blogs devoted to the discipline of Strategy in the list? We had a hard time finding even the few following ones in the top 20, that do touch upon the subject now and then:

How to change the world (Guy Kawasaki)
Management IQ (various)
* Dispatches from the new world of work (Tom Peters)
* 800 CEO Read (various)
* Leading Blog: Building a Community of Leaders (Michael McKinney)
* Great Leadership (Dan McCarthy)

Most of the 150 blogs in the list are on personal management and productivity tools. Granted, even the last three  in the list above are really "Leadership" blogs.

The only full-time management academic in the top 30 (likely in the entire list of 150)
* Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Whither Strategy? Or is the discipline not of direct interest to practitioners anymore, with coaching, personal productivity and leadership tips taking up all the attention? Also, where are the academic experts in the field, or are we so removed from practice, that we have little to contribute on a day-to-day basis?

Correct us if we missed any in the list.

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