Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Professional Development Workshops @ Academy of Management

Registration for the Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management is open. For some, these hands-on PDWs are more precious than the actual paper presentation sessions. No surprise that registration fills up quickly.

A few sessions promise to be exciting and supportive of the Strategy and You agenda. Somehow the core Strategy division (BPS: Business Policy and Strategy) isn't hosting or co-hosting anything like this so far - these sessions are hosted by divisions such as Research Methods, Human Resources, and Organization & Management Theory. Strategy and You will be there to Share the experience.

Engaging Encounters: Talent Management, Employee Engagement and the Researcher Practitioner “Bridge”
Organizer: Marielle Sonnenberg; Tilburg U. / Accenture;
 Organizer: Kerry Grigg; Monash U.;
Presenter: Paul Sparrow; Lancaster U.;
 Presenter: Graeme Martin; U. of Glasgow;
 Presenter: John W Boudreau; Center for Effective Organizations;
 Presenter: Elaine Farndale; Tilburg U. & Penn State U.
"The workshop will draw on the presenters experience in engaging with Executive Leaders at global companies to explore the link between talent management, the use of employer branding, the formation and management of the employee’s psychological contract and employee engagement. The workshop will provide coverage on both the substance and outcomes of the research and the process of actually working co-operatively with business leaders and their organisations to work towards bridging the academic-practitioner divide. We argue this is particularly relevant in the context of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) to ensure the academic community continues to learn and build expertise from the experience of practitioners and organisations in these challenging times. The workshop presenters have extensive experience in conducting significant and global talent management research projects and employing both traditional and innovative methods and forums including Executive Education, blogging, podcasting and YouTube to disseminate their research to a wider practitioner audience. Engaging with practitioners both in the development of research proposals and dissemination of findings has been an important agenda item for the Academy of Management over the past two decades and the ability to engage with practitioners throughout the research process is an important skill set for researchers to develop. 
We are hoping to generate some initial discussion on building the researcher – practitioner “bridge” in the months leading up to the PDW using an online blog. We encourage participation from both the academic and practitioner community."

Being There/Being Them: Having Impact with Ethnography
Organizer: Alexandra Michel; U. of Southern California;
 Organizer: Michel Anteby; Harvard U.;
 Participant: Martha S. Feldman; U. of California, Irvine;
 Participant: Katherine C. Kellogg; Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
 Participant: Karen D Locke; College of William & Mary;
 Participant: Anca Metiu; ESSEC; 
Participant: John Weeks; IMD;
 Participant: Mark J Zbaracki; Ivey School of Business; Participant: Mark de Rond; Cambridge U.
"Using an interactive format the workshop will address two primary sets of questions: 1) What makes ethnographies impactful to both scholars and practitioners? What are also important commonalities, regardless of content and format, of such ethnographies? And 2) How might this influence the way we produce our projects, including choice of setting, data collection, data analysis, and writing processes? The session’s goals are to answer these questions, build a community, and importantly provide feedback to scholars engaged in ongoing projects."

Unleashing Generativity: Moments of Aliveness, Inspiration and Imagination in Qualitative Research
Coordinator: Jane E. Dutton; U. of Michigan;
Coordinator: Arne Carlsen; SINTEF Technology and Society;
Participant: Kjersti Bjorkeng; SINTEF Industrial Management;
Participant: Marlys K. Christianson; U. of Toronto;
Participant: Stewart Clegg; U. of Technology, Sydney;
Participant: Karen Golden-Biddle; Boston U.;
Participant: Libby Hemphill; Arizona State U.;
Participant: Sally Maitlis; U. of British Columbia
"The workshop sets out to build understanding and attentiveness to generativity in qualitative research. Drawing from appreciative inquiry, positive organizational scholarship, literary theory and narrative psychology, we focus on stories of moments that are experienced as life-giving, transformative and expansive in research. The design is highly participative and meant to build participants' capabilities for both seeing and enabling generative moments in their own research practice. We capitalize on stories as a medium of knowledge-sharing by fostering how to surface, share, and learn from both expert and novice researchers' narratives. Participants should come prepared to share a story of a generative moment in their research. The workshop goals include to:

1. Facilitate learning about the concept of generativity and its utility for analyzing moments in the qualitative research process

2. Engage participants in learning from the sharing of generative moment narratives

3. Inspire experimentation through uncovering new research practices that are likely to foster generativity in the research process

4. Create meaningful contact and connections with other qualitative researchers


There is even a site visit to the Electronics Arts studios at Montreal:

Site Visit to Electronic Arts Studio in Montreal
"The site visit provides participants with an opportunity to directly observe and question senior representatives of a successful company in the high-velocity video game and entertainment business. Participants can expect a site tour, a company presentation and a question-and-answer session to discuss topics of interest." 

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